How to use Thinning Scissors

Thinning Scissors and Texturizing Scissors are awesome tools, have become essential for every professional hairstylist. These are kind of Scissors which are used to thin and shape the hairs without altering the actual style. Thinning Scissors-Shears are similar to basic Barber Scissors, but these made of two or single jagged blades that look like combs. This comb like structure allows specific volume of hairs to be cut while leaving the rest of the hairs intact between the blades.

Hairstylists use Thinning Scissors to thin down thick, bulky and curly hairs. These can also be used to blend hairs when layering is required to prevent choppiness. The purpose is to remove “bulk / volume” from the hairs without altering the hairstyle.

How To use:
When you have long and thick hairs needing to be thinned, first you need to make the hairs smooth by combing, then starts the work in smaller sections. Slide the opened Scissors into the long hairs at a point somewhere between 1/3 of the way to 1/2 of the way along the length from the scalp, and make a single “snip” then open and remove the Scissors. Then pass the comb through the section to slide out the hairs that have been cut. Then move on to the next section, and repeat the process all around the head.

After first round, if the hairs still need thinning, you can make a second round, but this time cut the hairs from 3 to 4 inch lower than the previous place of snip. This will blend the first cut into the second. Always work in uniform passes. And only make additional thinning cuts when these are really needed. If you remove too many hairs, the ends will begin to appear stringy.

If the hairs are curly, you may need to add a third pass into the thinning steps at a middle length. This prevents the overly triangular look of very curly long hairs styles. Focus on the areas that are the bulkiest and fullest. Use the thinning scissors on various sections of the hairs.

Do and Don’t:
1- Do not use Thinning Scissors at or near root ends of hair.
2- Do not put too much pressure on blades by your thumb, it can damage the blades.
3- Start cutting from middle section, go from bottom to upward, and be careful about removing too much hair at once.

There are many designs of Thinning Scissors, such as, Single Blade Thinning Scissors, Double Blade Thinning Scissors, Curved Shape teeth Thinning Scissors and many Custom made designs. Depending on a Thinning Scissors design, quantity & shape of teeth, a Thinning Scissors can cut hairs from 30% to 90% in a single snip. Read instructions provided by the manufacturer or consult an experienced hairstylist.

Choose your Thinning Scissors carefully. Fellow hairstylists are best source of guidance for selecting the best design.

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