Let’s Grow Together!

Professionals relating to Beauty and Medical Industry as well as to the fields of wholesale and distribution, are connected with us and sharing their services for mutual benefits. In this environment of mutual cooperation, we create opportunities for each other, recommending each other to our clients, creating bridges of new opportunities, trust and sourcing.

Anybody can be part of our Let’s Grow Together plan by following options:
1- Become a Distributor of our products.
2- Become an Affiliate

Becoming our Distributor:
We are manufacturing, and supplying these products at different parts of the world. We are quite aware of the needs of the different markets. Our products are of good quality with affordable prices, plus having variety to choose and also the innovation to develop new products as per customer demand. Thus, it will be a good idea to start promoting our products in your market. We certainly give discount to those distributors, who sell our products with our brand name. There is a flexible relationship of cooperation. Regarding the sale strategies, we do give the freedom of setting up the retail prices & profit margin, according to their market. We supply the products on our flat rates with minimal profits. All we need is, the distributor sell the products with our brand name.

We also provide complete freedom to all cusomers to have their products with their own private Logo / Trade Mark pasted on the products, as we are OEM manufacturer. Contact us for further details.

Becoming an Affiliate:
In the affiliation program, we and our partners don’t buy or sell anything directly. All we do is, we support each other in our efforts, promote each other and create bridges to seize the new opportunities. Everybody is invited to our Affiliate program, from any industry. Below are some of the options by which you can become our affiliate:

  1. You can work with us on commission basis. Refer your colleagues, friends and other people to us, and when they will place an order with us, we shall give you commission on each purchase. The commission percentage may vary upon the ordered products i.e. normally 5% of the Invoice value.
  2. Add our banners into your website at easily viewable place and we shall do the same for you.
  3. We welcome Beauty, Hair, Cosmetics, Salon, Medical and Pets related websites to exchange links us, casual links as well as exclusive featured links. You can add our website’s links into your website, at prominent place, and in exchange we shall do the same for you.
  4. Help us in expanding our Social Networks, join us at social networking sites, such as Facebook and Twitter and refer people to us. We shall do the same.
  5. Other Benefits: We can offer some other valuable services in exchange of support, such as:
    1. Sourcing Products
    2. Recommendations / Business Matching
    3. Help in affordable IT Services, Web Designing and Hosting etc.

Any new idea, share it with us and we’ll certainly put it into consideration.

* We reserve the right to ignore any request of affiliation / cooperation, without explanation. We shall never certify anything in written. We will not be responsible for the products or services of any third organization.