Electro Polishing – Metal Electrolysis

Electro Polishing is a process of metal treatment against rust, corrosion and bacterial growth, in the industry of metal tools & equipments, especially delicate tools like surgical, dental and cosmetic tools.

How it works:
The process cleans and polishes metal in a special electro-chemical solution. An electrical current passes through a chemical, dissolving insignificant amount of metal from the surface, leaving a smooth clear finish. The current works maximum on the outer edges and corners of items. The longer the process is continued, the greater the amount of metal is removed. Electro Polishing is used on a variety of metals, like stainless steel, high grade steels, brass, aluminum, copper etc. It is an excellent finishing process for fine parts, because no vibration or tumbling is involved.

During the process the parts are bathed in oxygen, hydrogen is removed from the surface, acting as a stress relieving anneal. The Electro Polished surface, being free of hydrogen reduces the possibility of bacterial growth.


Primary function of Electro Polishing is to improve parts cosmetically. It cleans and polishes the stainless steel by removing all impurities, small burrs, cracks and wears caused by machining and shaping process, in a unique way that no other process can do. The results are visible to the naked eye.

Corrosion Resistance:
Stainless steel, well known for its excellent corrosion resistance quality, will corrode when impurities are left on the surface of the metal. Electro Polishing dissolves a thin layer of the parts’ surface of metal and makes it smooth and bright. In other words to its original condition.

Electro Polishing works very well if performed carefully by trained workmen, according to the specification of parts and metal type. Improper and misguided practice can cause damage to metal parts.