Trust = Reliability + Delight
Trust comes from meeting customers’ requirements

About Products ( July 25, 2015 )
From: Australia
Mr. Dave says…

“Customers seem to be happy with your scissors and have had no negative feed back at this stage.”

About Products ( July 08, 2014 )
From: Australia
Mr. Bob says…

“Thank you for your email. Yes, the package arrived safe and sound. The delivery service was excellent and I followed the tracking. It arrived on Thursday the 3rd, which is quicker than I can get a package out of Sydney. Thank you also for the extra samples which will be very handy. I am impressed with the quality and range of the scissors and to have our own brand and logos on them is excellent. All in all, this has been a very professional and well executed transaction and I could not have wished for anything better. If you should require a ‘testimonial’ for your web site, please let me know. Sincerest thanks to the whole team.”

About Products ( August 26, 2012 )
From: United Kingdom
Mr. Sahabettin says…

“I am writing to let you know about my research regarding your scissors,
I left your 4 scissors in 4 barber-hair saloons in London for one week to ten days so they can test it, the result is, they are cutting very good, 440c one tried by hair dressers, j2 one tried by barber, barber was also happy,
So I am pleased they cut good, I blunt one scissor and resharp it and it was ok,……”

About Products ( November 02, 2011 )
From: New Zealand
Mr. Darryl says…

“Hello, my staff tried some of the scissors yesterday, they were very impressed, they are an ideal weight, and cut very smoothly……”

About Products ( March 12, 2011 )
From: Ireland
Mr. Richy says...

“People are asking about your products here, I have received good response. I want to place a new order soon. Please provide me these details so that I can proceed with this, thanks.”

About Products ( January 22, 2011 )
From: France
Mr. Fred says…

“We are very pleased of the quality, which is very good, we will certainly work with you again about this :)”

About Products ( January 05, 2011 )
From: Germany
Mr. Daniel Arpaz says…

“We like your products, quality is certainly better from our previous suppliers, we know you can make it better which we expect, keep up the good work”.

About Products ( May 09, 2010 )
From: Australia
Mrs. Jane Ryan says…

“All is going very well – thank you. Still using your products, we will place another order soon”.

About Products ( March 23, 2010 )
From: Argentina
Mrs. Cinthia Moreno says…

“Thank you for your attention, we are satisfied with your work, and look forward to be in touch again for a new purchase order”.

About Customer Services ( August 15, 2009 )
From: Puerto Rico
Mr. Jorge Cruz says…

“Thank You very much!!!! It is always a pleasure to work with people as Professional as you and your company are”.

About Products ( June 02, 2009 )
From: Norway
Mrs. Jorunn Rodseth says…

“Thank you for your mail and your concern about how things are going with the scissors 🙂 Everything is going fine 🙂 However, the lady with the special small thinning scissor have not collected her scissor yet. Next weekend there is a cat show here in Bergen, and I will take the scissor with me to the cat show so I can how her the result 🙂 I think it is exactly show she want it to be, so I hope she will be pleased with it :)”

About products ( April 12, 2008 )
From: Florida, USA
Mrs. Linda Lafrato says…

“Happy with it so far. It works quiet nice. The position of finger rings has been designed wisely; it gives comfort to wrist. The color coating is really very pretty, good job. In my next email I’ll suggest you some improvements”.