Frequently Asked Questions

Welcome to your trusted source of wholesale supplies. We would love to answer your question & queries, so keep us posted.

Can I place an order on this website?

Yes, but at present , the website is calculating shipping cost automatically for the following destinations only:-

USA, Canada, UK, Australia, New Zealand, Saudi Arabia, UAE, Germany, [Netherlands, Ireland, Italy, Spain, Denmark, Portugal]

If you are from a different location, send us an email at with your order details and we’ll calculate the Shipping Cost for you.

We accept orders from all around the world and we ship worldwide. Do not hesitate to ask about shipping cost for your delivery address.

How can I pay for an order?

There are two reliable methods of making the payments for your orders:

  1. Payment through Bank:
    Payment can be made through any bank, using Swift Transfer or Wire Transfer methods (Contact your Bank for further details or contact us, and we’ll guide you about the procedure).
    Note: Bank Services Fee may apply, a flat rate of USD 35 for all payments under one thousand dollars.

    • Please explain exactly how can I make money transfer into your company’s Bank?
      We will provide you with a document, by email, our Company’s Bank Account details. You may print it and take it with you to your bank for funds transfer. You simply handover this document to your bank people and they will handle the rest of the process. They will charge you a small fee for their service.
    • How will you know the transfer was from me in order to process my order?
      Your amount will be credited into our account with your Name and Address details.
  2. Payment through Money Transfer Services (i.e. Western Union, Money Gram, etc.)
    You can use any convenient service such as Western Union or Money Gram to make the payments.
    By this option, you can also use your Credit Card to make the payments (only with Western Union). In case, if you do not have a credit card, you need to personally go to Western Union or Money Gram office in your city and ask them to make the payment transfer on your behalf. They may charge you a small fee for their service. — Our Western Union / Money Gram detail is as below:-

    • Person Name: HUNYN ASHRAF
    • Address: SIALKOT city, PUNJAB province, PAKISTAN
    • Phone: +92 52 3570151

    When the payment process complete:
    A- Western Union: Email us the “MTCN code”, it is a ten digit number written on the Payment Confirmation Receipt.
    B- Money Gram: Email us the “Reference Number”, it is an eight digit number written on the Payment Confirmation Receipt.
    We need these code/numbers in order to collect the payments from the service providers.

  3. Letter of Credit through Bank:
    LC at Sight. This method assures the security for both parties, however the procedure is little long and complicated, mostly suitable for large orders or contract based orders.

Do I need to place a large order?

No, you are not bound to place only large orders. If you are an individual, a salon owner or a small retailer, you can place an order with our minimum quantity. However, in a large quantity orders, you will get nice discount.

How can I get detailed information about a specific Item?

Select an item, note down its Item Number / Product Code (a number written in bold letters on the side of each product, i.e. MT-100-01) and send an email to us, with your questions. It will be very helpful if you also mention the product size, required quantity and packing details.

Do you keep ready stocks for quick dispatch?

No, we do not hold stocks. Every item is manufactured on demand in required quantity.
In case of regular supply orders, the manufacture time can be minimized.

How much time is taken for the production of an order?

It depends on the quantity of an order. Normally production of and order takes 6 to 8 week time.
The production time starts upon order confirmation, and order confirmation means receiving full or at least 40% payment in advance.

Before placing an order, I need to see the samples. How can I get Samples of your products?

Free Samples are not available. In order to receive samples, customers are requested to please pay for the Sample products and Courier charges. We try our best to cooperate in the matter of Samples purchase orders. Samples are sold on “No Profit No loss” basis.

Customers can make the payments by two methods:-
1 – Swift Transfer / Wire Transfer, into our company’s Bank Account.
2 – Money Transfer Services, like Western Union / Money Gram.

Choose any one method which suits best.

Do you accept Custom Orders, like 10 pieces each of 30 or 40 different Items? It will be helpful for display at exhibitions.

Yes, it is possible when our manufacture lines are not busy, or, we can manage time for supply of such custom orders. It takes little more time than the normal manufacture time, because every stage of production, like; Forging, Hammering, Milling, Grinding and Finalizing of products, have to do multi-tasking.

What is your privacy policy?

We respect our customers’ privacy. We do Not share or sell our customers’ personal and business details to any third party.