• How to use Thinning Scissors

    Thinning Scissors and Texturizing Scissors are awesome tools, have become essential for every professional hairstylist. These are kind of Scissors which are used to thin and shape the hairs without altering the actual style. Thinning Scissors-Shears are similar to basic Barber Scissors, but these made of two or single jagged blades that look like combs. This comb like structure allows specific volume of hairs to be cut while leaving the rest of the hairs intact between the blades.

    Hairstylists use Thinning Scissors to thin down thick, bulky and curly hairs. These can also be used to blend hairs when layering is required to prevent choppiness. The purpose is to remove “bulk / volume” from the hairs without altering the hairstyle.

    How To use:
    When you have long and thick hairs needing to be thinned, first you need to make the hairs smooth by combing, then starts the work in smaller sections. Slide the opened Scissors into the long hairs at a point somewhere between 1/3 of the way to 1/2 of the way along the length from the scalp, and make a single “snip” then open and remove the Scissors. Then pass the comb through the section to slide out the hairs that have been cut. Then move on to the next section, and repeat the process all around the head.

    After first round, if the hairs still need thinning, you can make a second round, but this time cut the hairs from 3 to 4 inch lower than the previous place of snip. This will blend the first cut into the second. Always work in uniform passes. And only make additional thinning cuts when these are really needed. If you remove too many hairs, the ends will begin to appear stringy.

    If the hairs are curly, you may need to add a third pass into the thinning steps at a middle length. This prevents the overly triangular look of very curly long hairs styles. Focus on the areas that are the bulkiest and fullest. Use the thinning scissors on various sections of the hairs.

    Do and Don’t:
    1- Do not use Thinning Scissors at or near root ends of hair.
    2- Do not put too much pressure on blades by your thumb, it can damage the blades.
    3- Start cutting from middle section, go from bottom to upward, and be careful about removing too much hair at once.

    There are many designs of Thinning Scissors, such as, Single Blade Thinning Scissors, Double Blade Thinning Scissors, Curved Shape teeth Thinning Scissors and many Custom made designs. Depending on a Thinning Scissors design, quantity & shape of teeth, a Thinning Scissors can cut hairs from 30% to 90% in a single snip. Read instructions provided by the manufacturer or consult an experienced hairstylist.

    Choose your Thinning Scissors carefully. Fellow hairstylists are best source of guidance for selecting the best design.

  • Titanium made instruments VS Titanium coloured instruments

    Difference between “Titanium Made” instruments and “Titanium colour coated” instruments

    A lot of customers have contacted us and asked about the prices of our collection of Titanium Made instruments, most of the customers were new or have a very little knowledge about the instruments industry.  And when we quoted the prices, they were surprised and argued that you are charging more than necessary. We had to explained them why we are charging more than normal and upon receiving the explanation, some of them understood, most of them got confused, because either they were new bees or have never been explained with these details before.

    We found that there are very few people who fully acknowledge the worth of real  Titanium made instruments, and most of people do not know the actual difference between Titanium and Steel. They have no idea how instruments manufacturing industry works. They see deceitful suppliers misrepresenting the facts and luring the buyers into their tricks.

    The difference between “Titanium Made Instruments” and “Titanium coloured or coated instruments” is huge. There are only a handful number of manufacturers who actually have the ability and technical know how to produce instruments from real Titanium. A lot of misleading manufacturers are producing instruments from ordinary steel, coating these with decorative Plasma colour coating (also know as Titanium Plasma colour coating) and presenting these as real Titanium Instruments, just because these fake products have a fraction of Titanium chemical used on them in order to construct and strengthen a micro millimeter thick layer of desired colour coating. These fake instruments are presented to customers as real Titanium instruments and the customer never know the truth unless they enters into the market to sell these to qualified wholesalers, brands or end users. They immediately recognize the fakery and reject the product.

    As the first step, a well informed individual can easily analyze the cost difference between real and fake Titanium instruments just by comparing the prices of the raw materials. — Price of a genuine Titanium alloy sheet in international market is around US$ 98 per kg (give or take US$ 20 depending on regional prices), and a industrial standard good quality Steel Sheet price is from US$ 5 to US$ 25 (give or take US$ 4 depending on regional prices). —– So, in view of this comparison we can evaluate what cost will be of a real Titanium made instrument and one which is made from simple good quality Steel. —– Let us explain it a bit more. Suppose there is a Tweezers / Micro Forceps, one is made from Titanium and other is made from Steel and coated with fancy Titanium colouring. The real Titanium Made Tweezers will cost about US$ 25, whereas the good quality Steel made Tweezers will cost about US$ 1.50. So the difference is huge. But the use of these both items will be different which will justify its cost. You can not use Steel Made Tweezers at the place where a real Titanium Made Tweezers is needed.

    For example, during a sensitive laboratory experiment, a technician is dealing with extreme heat and radiation, he can not use ordinary steel made tweezers, because it will be effected by the heat, plus it will absorb a lot of radiation in it, which can cause serious health problems when exposed to normal environment. Here, the technician will be required a real Titanium Made Tweezers, so that it can bear the heat and will not absorb lethal radiations, and eventually will be safe to carry around and to use multiple times.

    Titanium has many characteristics which make it superior to other metals / alloys. Such as:-

    1- Titanium is 33% lighter in weight than Steel.
    2- It is 100% Stain and Corrosion Free.
    3- It is 5 times tougher than Steel.
    4- It does not absorb Radiation.
    5- Titanium is Bacteria Repulsive.
    6- Titanium is non magnetic.
    7- Instruments made from Titanium have longer operations life as compare to any other metal.

    See our collection of Titanium Instruments

    We suggest to everybody that please educate yourself thoroughly and beware of fake and mimicry products.

  • Are you a manufacturer or a trading company?

    We have been asked this question many times, because our business name has the word “Trader” in it, some customers mistakenly consider us similar to trading companies, which is not correct. A person who is doing business from some good time can understand this, but for new bees or beginners, an explanation is needed:-

    We are a manufacturing company. We started our exports in year 2005, before that we use to manufacture the instruments and supply locally to other companies. We are basic manufacturer of these instruments and we have multiple productions lines.

    In Pakistan, there are no hard rules regarding choosing the name of an enterprise. Government provides freedom to choose business names as convenient, unless it does not conflict with any already registered brand or trademark. You may even find the proprietary owned businesses with names like “Name International” and “Name Incorporated”, which are certainly misleading terms.

    As a positive aspect, having the word “Traders” in company name automatically provide the impression that a company may well run multiple businesses under the umbrella of the same company.

    Many countries, including UK laws have this provision that a company can have such a name including the word Trader in it. All they need to make sure it that their name must not conflict with any pre registered business, brand or trademark. And the second thing must be considered is that if a company is running multiple business under one trading company, they must mention the name of mother company in all places of reference. For example, if ABC Trading is also trading as XYZ, then they must make it clear at their premises, paperwork and websites displaying, “ABC Trading as XYZ“, or as “A Product by ABC Trading”, etc.

    In order to confirm these facts, please contact the Trade Development Department of Pakistan.

    As general evaluation, if a company is a manufacturing firm, they will manufacture any kind of product as per buyers specifications, including necessary changing is their existing products. Whereas, a sole trading company will always hesitate to make something new, and try to avoid committing on any change in the existing products / designs. They will insist on selling pre designed items and already stocked products.

  • How to Care your Haircutting Shears

    We manufacture Haircutting scissors with deep care aiming at durability and longer operational span. The steel used is standard quality, manufacturing process is closely supervised to ensure quality production within short time for large and small orders. When you use our Scissors, you will discover that it is possible to acquire dependable quality Scissors at comparatively much low price. There is scenario that Scissors costing high count of dollars guarantees good quality, but its not true. We offer you quality Scissors with complete freedom of your own choice of design, size and pattern with comparatively much low prices. It is possible for you to have a vast variety of Haircutting Scissors.

    Some tips, by which you can increase the operational life of your scissors and preserve their beauty during use.

    How to store Scissors:

    Scissors should be stored in cool, safe and dry place, free from humidity, dust, chemical or acidic environment and cosmetics. Regularly wipe the blades with a thin coating of oil to prevent stain and corrosion.

    Store Scissors in their proper bags or cases, individually. Do not store them together with other tools or other scissors. Avoid dropping from hands as it can knock the blades out of their alignment, break the blades and sharp edges. Store scissors in a safe place after each use to avoid accidents.

    Haircutting Scissors are sharp tools. Keep them out of the reach of children.

    How to keep Scissors clean:

    Avoid cutting tape or other sticky material with your Scissors because it leaves a sticky coating on Razor sharp edge, this sticky layer may interfere with hair during cutting. If you do cut sticky material then clean your blades with petrol or oil for which you can use sewing machine oil. Do not let water and sweat stain on your scissors. Use soft cloth with oil to clean scissors, avoid the use of paper or paper towel as it can create tiny scratches on surface and ruin the polished surface. At least every week, oil your scissors, especially on screws joints, just put one drop of oil and open and close few times so that it can flow deep.

    How to keep Scissors sharp:

    Haircutting Scissors are not multi purpose tools, avoid cutting thick cloth, wires, plastic items, staples, needles or pins and cardboard. Do not cut thick bundle of hairs or ruff hairs, always wet the hair with water or oil and then cut small bundles of hairs straightened and shaped by comb.

    When you decide to sharpen your Scissors, prefer to hire the services of a professional sharpener. Use a good quality sharpening device. Do not use knife sharpener, it will destroy your blade and cutting edge.

    Frequently Asked Questions

    My shears are bending the hair; I have to press with my thumb to make them cut, what to do?

    This is the most common problem we face when we use shears regularly. The first possibility is that the tension of the shear is too loose, while they may feel effortless when loose but it should not be too loose that it cause bending the hairs instead of cutting, similarly it should not demand extra force by thumb to cut hairs, if this is happening you are stressing your fingers, wrist and shoulder and also making your razor sharp edge dull.

    The second reason is that the cutting edge is not sharp anymore, it might be dull due to regular use. It needs to be sharpened. Take your Shear to a professional Shear Sharpener.

    My shears are pushing the hair, help me?

    The alignment of your shear is out, you might have dropped your scissors from hand or shears has got a shock, it has damaged the sharp cutting edge or the alignment of blade, contact a professional Scissors Sharpener for remedy.

    My shears are sticking, what should I do?

    You might have used it to cut some sticky material and there is some stick substance or cosmetics on the cutting edge or your shear got hard shock and the blades are nicked. Clean any hair and other material from shear, and apply lubricant in the pivot area, make sure the tension is correct and open & close the scissors several times. If it’s not working the blade must be nicked, contact professional sharpener.

    How long will my shears last?

    First of all it depends on the quality of shears and what kind of steel used to manufacture these, it also depends on; how manufacturer has made it, it means that did they leave the provision in the thickness of blade to re-sharp it again and again for many times and what kind of cutting edge they created. If the thickness of blade is proper and cutting edge they shaped is well formed, the scissors can be sharpened several times and you can use it for a long period. Similarly, it also depends on how you use it and how your shear sharpener handles your shears.

  • Micro Serrated Edge and Benefits of Micro Serration

    Basically there are two types of edges, one is straight plain cutting edge and second is serrated edge. The serrated edge has micro serrations throughout the edge from beginning till end at the tip. Straight plane cutting edge is better in many ways, as it allows making fine cuts and since it is smooth, so it does not produced any sound during hair cutting. Straight plane edge is also useful for slice cutting (using slice hair cutting technique). However, despite of all the glory, the straight plane edge has its own limits.

    Micro Serrated edge is more like a multi-purpose cutting edge. It provides many value added benefits. The most well known benefit of serrated edge is that it is simultaneously useful for both, dry hair cutting and wet hair cutting. It does not allow the hairs to slip or skip from its tiny micro teeth. Each hair that comes under the serration gets cuts immediately on the spot, even when the hairs are oily.

    Micro Serrations also help to protect the edge from accidental damage due to contact with a hard surface. Imagine while hair cutting, your Scissors accidentally bump into the hair comb and the edge has a nick on it. This can be devastating. Whereas, the serrated cutting edge will tolerate such torture at significant level and will be as good as new.

    Serrated edges are generally harder to sharpen than their plane bladed counterparts because it requires preciseness and experience in order follow the existing serrations and create new serrations over them. However, the serrated edge does not require re-sharpening more frequently.

    The only negative view that has been recorded about serrated edge is that, it produces a minute sound while opening and closing the blades of a Scissors during cutting. This sound gets produced because of the very minor friction and air pressure generates, when the accompanying plane edge blade runs over the serrated edge.

    No doubt that it is a necessity of a professional hairstylist to own at least one pair of Micro Serrated Scissors. It will not only contribute in his/her professional outlook, but will also give the versatility in the art of hair cutting.