Titanium made instruments VS Titanium coloured instruments

Difference between “Titanium Made” instruments and “Titanium colour coated” instruments

A lot of customers have contacted us and asked about the prices of our collection of Titanium Made instruments, most of the customers were new or have a very little knowledge about the instruments industry.  And when we quoted the prices, they were surprised and argued that you are charging more than necessary. We had to explained them why we are charging more than normal and upon receiving the explanation, some of them understood, most of them got confused, because either they were new bees or have never been explained with these details before.

We found that there are very few people who fully acknowledge the worth of real  Titanium made instruments, and most of people do not know the actual difference between Titanium and Steel. They have no idea how instruments manufacturing industry works. They see deceitful suppliers misrepresenting the facts and luring the buyers into their tricks.

The difference between “Titanium Made Instruments” and “Titanium coloured or coated instruments” is huge. There are only a handful number of manufacturers who actually have the ability and technical know how to produce instruments from real Titanium. A lot of misleading manufacturers are producing instruments from ordinary steel, coating these with decorative Plasma colour coating (also know as Titanium Plasma colour coating) and presenting these as real Titanium Instruments, just because these fake products have a fraction of Titanium chemical used on them in order to construct and strengthen a micro millimeter thick layer of desired colour coating. These fake instruments are presented to customers as real Titanium instruments and the customer never know the truth unless they enters into the market to sell these to qualified wholesalers, brands or end users. They immediately recognize the fakery and reject the product.

As the first step, a well informed individual can easily analyze the cost difference between real and fake Titanium instruments just by comparing the prices of the raw materials. — Price of a genuine Titanium alloy sheet in international market is around US$ 98 per kg (give or take US$ 20 depending on regional prices), and a industrial standard good quality Steel Sheet price is from US$ 5 to US$ 25 (give or take US$ 4 depending on regional prices). —– So, in view of this comparison we can evaluate what cost will be of a real Titanium made instrument and one which is made from simple good quality Steel. —– Let us explain it a bit more. Suppose there is a Tweezers / Micro Forceps, one is made from Titanium and other is made from Steel and coated with fancy Titanium colouring. The real Titanium Made Tweezers will cost about US$ 25, whereas the good quality Steel made Tweezers will cost about US$ 1.50. So the difference is huge. But the use of these both items will be different which will justify its cost. You can not use Steel Made Tweezers at the place where a real Titanium Made Tweezers is needed.

For example, during a sensitive laboratory experiment, a technician is dealing with extreme heat and radiation, he can not use ordinary steel made tweezers, because it will be effected by the heat, plus it will absorb a lot of radiation in it, which can cause serious health problems when exposed to normal environment. Here, the technician will be required a real Titanium Made Tweezers, so that it can bear the heat and will not absorb lethal radiations, and eventually will be safe to carry around and to use multiple times.

Titanium has many characteristics which make it superior to other metals / alloys. Such as:-

1- Titanium is 33% lighter in weight than Steel.
2- It is 100% Stain and Corrosion Free.
3- It is 5 times tougher than Steel.
4- It does not absorb Radiation.
5- Titanium is Bacteria Repulsive.
6- Titanium is non magnetic.
7- Instruments made from Titanium have longer operations life as compare to any other metal.

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We suggest to everybody that please educate yourself thoroughly and beware of fake and mimicry products.

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