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  • Rainbow Blue Offset Plating Tweezers KTCC11

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  • 20 inch Long Tweezers Forceps KTCC10

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  • 1:2 tooth Tweezers Tissue Forceps KTCC09

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  • 12 inch Plating Tweezers Anatomical Forceps KTCC08

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  • Chef Pliers Goldsmith Pliers KTCC07

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  • Fine Tip Tweezers Curved Forceps KTCC06

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  • Fish Tweezers Shape like fish KTCC05

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  • Fish Tweezers Boning Tweezers KTCC04

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  • Boning Tweezers Picking Tweezers KTCC03

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  • 8 inch Plating Tweezers Anatomical Forceps KTCC02

    USD 5.15USD 10.00 Select options This product has multiple variants. The options may be chosen on the product page
  • Offset Plating Tweezers KTCC01

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