How to Care your Haircutting Shears

We manufacture Haircutting scissors with deep care aiming at durability and longer operational span. The steel used is standard quality, manufacturing process is closely supervised to ensure quality production within short time for large and small orders. When you use our Scissors, you will discover that it is possible to acquire dependable quality Scissors at comparatively much low price. There is scenario that Scissors costing high count of dollars guarantees good quality, but its not true. We offer you quality Scissors with complete freedom of your own choice of design, size and pattern with comparatively much low prices. It is possible for you to have a vast variety of Haircutting Scissors.

Some tips, by which you can increase the operational life of your scissors and preserve their beauty during use.

How to store Scissors:

Scissors should be stored in cool, safe and dry place, free from humidity, dust, chemical or acidic environment and cosmetics. Regularly wipe the blades with a thin coating of oil to prevent stain and corrosion.

Store Scissors in their proper bags or cases, individually. Do not store them together with other tools or other scissors. Avoid dropping from hands as it can knock the blades out of their alignment, break the blades and sharp edges. Store scissors in a safe place after each use to avoid accidents.

Haircutting Scissors are sharp tools. Keep them out of the reach of children.

How to keep Scissors clean:

Avoid cutting tape or other sticky material with your Scissors because it leaves a sticky coating on Razor sharp edge, this sticky layer may interfere with hair during cutting. If you do cut sticky material then clean your blades with petrol or oil for which you can use sewing machine oil. Do not let water and sweat stain on your scissors. Use soft cloth with oil to clean scissors, avoid the use of paper or paper towel as it can create tiny scratches on surface and ruin the polished surface. At least every week, oil your scissors, especially on screws joints, just put one drop of oil and open and close few times so that it can flow deep.

How to keep Scissors sharp:

Haircutting Scissors are not multi purpose tools, avoid cutting thick cloth, wires, plastic items, staples, needles or pins and cardboard. Do not cut thick bundle of hairs or ruff hairs, always wet the hair with water or oil and then cut small bundles of hairs straightened and shaped by comb.

When you decide to sharpen your Scissors, prefer to hire the services of a professional sharpener. Use a good quality sharpening device. Do not use knife sharpener, it will destroy your blade and cutting edge.

Frequently Asked Questions

My shears are bending the hair; I have to press with my thumb to make them cut, what to do?

This is the most common problem we face when we use shears regularly. The first possibility is that the tension of the shear is too loose, while they may feel effortless when loose but it should not be too loose that it cause bending the hairs instead of cutting, similarly it should not demand extra force by thumb to cut hairs, if this is happening you are stressing your fingers, wrist and shoulder and also making your razor sharp edge dull.

The second reason is that the cutting edge is not sharp anymore, it might be dull due to regular use. It needs to be sharpened. Take your Shear to a professional Shear Sharpener.

My shears are pushing the hair, help me?

The alignment of your shear is out, you might have dropped your scissors from hand or shears has got a shock, it has damaged the sharp cutting edge or the alignment of blade, contact a professional Scissors Sharpener for remedy.

My shears are sticking, what should I do?

You might have used it to cut some sticky material and there is some stick substance or cosmetics on the cutting edge or your shear got hard shock and the blades are nicked. Clean any hair and other material from shear, and apply lubricant in the pivot area, make sure the tension is correct and open & close the scissors several times. If it’s not working the blade must be nicked, contact professional sharpener.

How long will my shears last?

First of all it depends on the quality of shears and what kind of steel used to manufacture these, it also depends on; how manufacturer has made it, it means that did they leave the provision in the thickness of blade to re-sharp it again and again for many times and what kind of cutting edge they created. If the thickness of blade is proper and cutting edge they shaped is well formed, the scissors can be sharpened several times and you can use it for a long period. Similarly, it also depends on how you use it and how your shear sharpener handles your shears.

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