Double Scissors
Double Scissors is combination of two different types of scissors joined together to perform specific task of haircutting, by professional and highly trained hairstylists. It is combination of two scissors, Barber Scissors + Thinning Scissors. This double scissors simultaneously performs the job of thinning and cutting the hairs. The Thinning Scissors functions at bottom to thin the hair and the Barber Scissors cuts all of the excessive hair. It can also be manufactured in Barber Barber Scissors + Barber Scissors form.

This particular task of hairstyling is performed by a very few, professional and highly trained hairstylists. This item is a result of a suggestion, received from one of our valued customers. And they have admired our work.

Project has been closed.
In future, when we'll start this again, we'll post the details here and also inform all our customers. However, the pictures of Double Scissors can be seen. If you are interested, send us an email with your inquiry and your complete contact details.